Kain Alburn

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Kain Alburn

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Name: Kain Alburn
Birthday: November 20
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Personality: Calm, Smart, Musically Talented, Protective of Friends
Wand: 9 1/4 Elm Phoenix Feather Core
Likes: Classical Music, Playing Instruments, Relaxing, Talking with Friends
Dislikes: Bad Music, Arrogant People, Anything not Cool (OOC: lol >.>)
Pets: Shanks (OOC: lol XD) (Black Cat)
Unique fact: Musician

Height: 5' 2"
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color/Length: White, Shoulder length
Hair Texture: Straight
Style: Down
Skin Tone: White

The Family:

Father: Spirit Alburn
Mother: Kristy Alburn
Sisters: Hope and Alyssa Alburn
Brothers: Stan, Kyle, and Rick Alburn


Favorite Subjects: Potions and DADA
Worst Subjects: Charms and Muggle Studies


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