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Luke Bradley

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Name: Luke Bradley
Birthday: December 21st
Blood Status: half-blood
Personality: nice, calm, friendly, works hard,
Wand: 10 inch oak wand with unicorn hair
Likes: Astronomy, friendship, Hogwarts
Dislikes: bullies, womanizers,
Pets: none
Nicknames: none
Unique fact: everyone in my family except me was in Ravenclaw

Height: 6'0" toned, but not muscle man type, strong
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color/Length: short, medium brown
Hair Texture: straight
Style: simple, casual
Skin Tone: normal, tan


Favorite Subject: Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures,
Worst Subject: I'm okay at all of my classes.
Quidditch Position: Stands (Not really my thing, haven't gotten into it)


Color: I'm not biased towards any color, I like them all
Non-Animated Movie: Harry Potter
Song: Same as colors
Food: All American
Drink: Mr. Pibb
Book: HP series
Book Pairing: Harry and Ginny
Book Character: Flitwick
Animal: All
Number: Don't have a favorite
Place: Hogwarts


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