Arora Hawthorne Signing Up:)

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Arora Hawthorne Signing Up:)

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:02 pm

Idk if it's even worth signing up, but oh well Smile

Name: Arora Hawthorne
Year Preference: 4
House Preference: whatever fits
Personality Traits: Kind, friendly, tough, smart, flirty(?),
I'm a half-blood witch, with my dad being a wizard, and my mom a muggle. I'm an only child, and at home, it was mostly just me and my cat, Kat (cheesy, I know) Then, she had Primrose, and died Sad I grew up in a wizard/muggle suburb where a lot of half-bloods live. Right before first year, I moved. We live pretty close to Hogwarts now. Most of my friends went to Beauxbatons, whereas I went to Hogwarts. I had to start over. Make new friends, and all that jazz.
I'm fine with whatever House, I don't know where I fit Question


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Re: Arora Hawthorne Signing Up:)

Post by Headmistress Malymo on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:45 pm

Arora Hawthorne
4th Year
Welcome to Hogwarts
Headmistress Malymo

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