Intermediate Potions Week 2

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Intermediate Potions Week 2

Post by Professor Marshbanks on Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:53 pm

I've always liked the word "intermediate." It sounds so much more intricate and meaningful than the word "advanced" or "beginner." In actuality, it doesn't really seem to fit in properly as a mediocre class unless you looked at the root words. Of course then...
Oh, right, my class is here.
I sigh, cursing my wandering mind as the students look at me with leaden faces. “Gregory’s Unctuous Unction,” I begin. “Now, say that five times fast.” I always love watching my pupils try. Oftentimes, as many of them know how to pronounce it as what it is (which is to say none of them at all). “It’s quite the peculiar little potion, to be made and used in small quantities or even not at all. This potion persuades the drinker that the giver is his or her best friend. I want you to try your best at making this. Come to me if you experience any difficulties.” With a wave of my hand, the instructions appear. It really isn’t that hard of a potion, so I feel confident in their abilities.

The Unctuous Unction is mayhap one of the most morally questionable delusion-based potions. The crafty user can accomplish many terrifying feats, however, a simplified version which I often assign students to is much less potent and creates a more reasonable…
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Re: Intermediate Potions Week 2

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:53 am

Once again, I together everything I needed and began working. Diligently but with caution to follow every direction to the point. The potion didn't seem complicated at all. The potion was turning out great and I couldn't wait for a finished product.


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