Trylin Andrews

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Trylin Andrews

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:23 am

Name: Trylin Andrews
Birthday: December 1st.
Blood Status: pure blood
Personality: brave, overprotective, kind, short tempered.
Wand: Yew, 11 inches, unicorn tail hair core
Likes: Friends, Sleep, Fun, Quidditch
Dislikes: Slytherins... work... class.
Pets: none
Nicknames: none
Unique fact: Other than my mom, everyone has been Slytherin. I boast about her being in Gryffindor because I hate Slytherin and that side of my family.

Height: 5'4"
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color/Length: longish, medium brown
Hair Texture: straight
Style: longer than most, but spiked at bottom
Skin Tone: normal, tan


Favorite Subject: Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Subject: Divination, Potions
Quidditch Position: Chaser


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